“The River of Allah”…..

The river of allah careens with the souring vomitous brine of netherworldish mete, and the blackened blood of the False Prophet muhamed. The river of Lost is slatternly bent and wickedly inviting to the evils of all Mans generations….not one unseen. Not one gone unrecorded by Angelic writ. The river of Hell is scathed with discarded promise of grandeurs that could not be kept. There doth not exist a lantern that can light your way, upon entering into the river of Punishment. The light is choked out by lies…..The False Prophet has long since snuffed your untrimmed candle, and snatched the flame alight at it’s wick……. Jehovah in his mercy had given every man his own light by which to see…..but lo….the cost of your well practiced foolishness……darkness blots your name from the Book Of Life. The river of allah flows with the bodies of deformed children , and feverishly beaten, pulpishly disfigured women, that are claimed to be soul-less, and without wonder. The river of Allah cannot afford you a drink, less it be a cup of undiluted Sheol. The river of Allah burgeons with only recently accountable muslim children….who were snatched away and taught the never ending brand of Muhamadic Hatred , in a calculating manner meant to brainwash and fully subdue, and this plight has been handed to many Islamic children unaware. God will certainly declare who is accountable and who is not…..and God will not fail to recompense innocent blood that has been adoring an evil hand. Will this be your hand so stained in the end, oh pitiful muslim man with a mortal sword??? The uncounterable Sword from the Nostrils of The Holy “I AM”…..shall be your undoing, and your failure to worship the Word written theron his vesture, (KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS)….PROMISES AN UNSPEAKABLE END FOR YOU OH MUSLIM MAN. The river of Allah flows with the empty prayers of the Hashishim who were promised paradise for eternity in a trap. The stench from the river of allah beckons to the burrowing tendrils of the Beasts red right hand, to come hither destroying anything in its path. The river of allah splashes its worthless spittle on the True Phophets of Jesus Christ, by way of mockery. God is a jealous God and He Alone Is Worthy of Worship! Who is able to impersonate Jehovah and live to tell of it ???
It is not mockery to make light of The False Prophet that is Muhamed!!!!! You will never be punished , but eternally rewarded by God himself for confounding each and every lying word of Muhamed and his fictitious so-called god….(the puny allah). Even the name says puny, malignant and unthreatening. Allah , who has never existed…..could not make the sun stand still in the sky….but my God did, can, and will again. Allah can not turn water into wine…..but my God was able, can, and will again. Allah cannot make a wooden staff bud as if becoming a new Branch, but Jesus Christ became a Branch , is spreading His Branch, and will be outstretching his Branch once again. Allah cannot say where even a mere thought concerning him was……before the foundations of the Earth were concieved, but my God knew, does know, and will always know. Allah was never worthy to untie the latchets on the sandals of Jesus Christ, but we pray that we are, will, and will to come be worthy. Christians are now peering down into the river of allah……but there is no dross……nothing to skim off and call even the slightest bit good, because every muslim has fallen short of the Glory of God. It has been their own choice all along…..to steep in hatred and be the cause of all War in this world…..all turmoil in the land…..become every ounce of poison in its pens……the pilgrimage of all plagues

Do not follow another lost soul into the River of Allah....

…..The River of Allah. Think of all the peaceful muslims adjuring you to leap headfirst into muhameds river of certain demise. It is not possible to drink of the river of allah and continue on in life. The river of allah is a river with end….snaking its way through sulphuric tunnels, where minds are ripped away…….reason is gone……and there exists no chance of redemption. Each engulfing moment of decent entwines what was once your soul ……(now devoid of any light)….with the foulest of entrails ….. the dregs of Satans long prophesied defeat. There was a mockery going on just before God flooded the earth and destroyed all mankind once before. At that time God promised not to destroy the earth by water a second time. The time came for the earth to become filled with water…..and most men did not heed Gods warning, but some did and were saved. GOD DECIDED WHEN THE DOOR TO THE ARK WOULD BE SHUT…..NOT NOAH…..AND IT IS WRITTEN….THAT GOD DID SEAL UP THE DOOR TO THE ARK , IN ORDER TO SAVE A REMNANT OF EVERY LIVING THING!!!! Soon it will be time for God to shut the door on mankind…..one final time. This time….it will be finished…..the reaping will be complete and the chaff…( muslim unbelief in the words of The False Prophet )…will be separated from the wheat…(righteous believers in Jesus Christ alone as Savior, and awaiting His Return with great joy). Like a thief in the night he comes again….will your candle be trimmed…..will your feet be washed clean.

That same mockery has befallen the earth yet another time with the onslaught of the Barak Obama Administration. God does not reckognize or bow to any administration or to Barak Obama …(SATAN IN DISGUISE) !!!!!!! DO YOU??????? KNOW WHOM YOU SERVE AND STAY CLOSE TO HIM!!!!!!!

MUSLIMS will never meet muhamed (because muhamed had you thinking he was the light, when he was not!!)……and you Muslims will never ever know God, because you will never know Light!


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