U.S. Government re-charges the “looker” weapon!

You Americans have to remember that you are under a government that has always been a master of deception. I will finish this post later…but real quick. These types of political shootings in Arizona and elsewhere are nothing but distractions , that are set forth at just the right moments in history….to lead your minds away from much bigger things that keep occurring under your noses. These birds falling from the sky while these shootings occur…..is like a great “looker” weapon remeniscient of the 1970’s movie with Albert Finney. The government simply stuns the average man…..(that is programmed to believe anything on the radio or television or youtube)……and when that same man comes out of shock a few months later…….he will then notice that 30 million more illegals have invaded this country……gas prices have rose another dollar a gallon…. homosexuals are running circles around public schools with their weenies hanging out……and many new mosques have also been built. No people ….these tactics are a tool of an evil democratic government that is trying to save face out of its recent miserable defeat. Now we hear about some sort of occult shrine in the so called shooters back yard. What drama the government is able to string together at a moments notice ….(in this authors opinion). I for one am not duped. Don’t forget…..this administration, since it’s inception is different from all others before….in that it has the spirit of Antichrist leading it by the nose……..and it is the first administration to have mocked Christianity and the Almighty God!!!!!

It’s not just that gas prices rise, and many more illegals flood in to become “vote bait”……it is the fact that the governement realizes that the general public will still be in shock when they notice that gas has risen another dollar…..(and will be passive because of the false sympathetic feelings that they drummed up afresh inside of you , over what I say was a government induced catastrophe.) Your government realizes that you will be in such a state of shock….that you will not even bat an eye and exhorbitant gas and food prices……and the most major incident …that is being postponed because of this “completely and almost laughing feigned, occultic college student gone wrong” is THE FACT THAT OBAMAHUESSEINCARE….THAT WAS IN THE PROCESS OF HASTILY BEING REPEALED……IS NOW HALTED!!!! BLESS MY SOUL….WHAT A COINCIDENCE……NOOOOOOOOOOOOOT….WHAT PERFECT TIMING….WHAT A JOKE. THIS IS WHY I DO NOT BUY IT. A SHOOTING HAS OCCURRED….BUT THE MOTIVES BEHIND THE ACT OF THE SHOOTING ARE FAR MORE MOROSE THAN THE GOVERNMENT WISHES YOU TO REALIZE. I HAVE NO QUALMS WHATSOEVER IN BELIEVING THAT OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT WOULD EVEN SNUFF OUT A HUMAN LIFE FOR MORE POWER. CENTURIES OF GOVERNMENTAL RULE WITHIN THIS LAND, HAVE PROVEN THAT EVEN THE MOST SUPERFLOUOUS OF MOTIVES, ENGAGED FOR POLITICAL POWERS…… ARE NOT BEYOND THE THOUGHT TAKEN TO PLUCK A RAVEN FROM THE SKY.

Of course this is my opinion, (what a joke to have to say that)… so you the reader weigh the variables and decide. Scalar wave weaponry is the reality of what is happening to these birds of a species with “funny blue substances” on their beaks. The government has many tools people and they are pulling out the entire bag of tricks in order to decieve you well. Trust in God to make you aware, because he is the only one who can in these deceptive endtimes already gone awry.


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