I don’t use the term “hater”, and nobody like poisoinous words….hats off to Fred!

Lets hear it for Fred!!!!

What most people that use the term “hater” on youtube don’t know……(usually kids in their teens or early twenties), is how incorrectly they are using to term. Every last time that I have been called a hater by some idiot, has occurred as a result of my attempts to quote scripture and save someone from making even bigger mistakes than they already have. ” The tounge is like a poisoionous serpent, and the power of life and death are in the tounge. “….It is written. Any word that proceeds out of your mouth, that does NOT go forth with the intent to do a good work, or acheive a righteous result, is an IDLE word, and God says that we will be accountable for every last one of them that we ever speak.


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