Excerpt from a short letter to an atheist I ran across…..

To this statement I would like to point out the characteristics of LIGHT. We supposedly “turn on the lights”, but to me as a scientist and to the common man it is known that no man has ever seen light. We only see the reflection of light. Everything that our human eye beholds is a REFLECTION of light. NO ONE CAN SEE IT. But we all believe that there is light and darkness. It is a self-evident truth that everyone agrees on. No one argues about it. Ever wonder why no one can look directly into the sun without some kind of protection. There is an argument, not about the existence of light, but rather about it’s characteristics. There has been much heated debate in the scientific realm whether or not light has particle or wave properties. Despite the argument, it is accepted that there is such thing as light that dictates our day to day activities. Jesus says. I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. Yes, I am a Christian and have never actually seen Him with my natural eyes. But, guess what, I see His reflection everywhere I look. I know that He is real.


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