B = S
A = H
R = A
A = K
K = E

O = W
B = E
A = I
M = G
A = H

To be very straightforward about it and to the point of the matter………and to borrow on the whimsical phrases of “Chief Ohara” on the Batman series…..That pentultimate poonanny of primed and priceless plunder….That beardless buffoon of A malignent muslim mockery, MASTICATING ON MY AMERICA!!!!…….That valedictorean of the victoryless vehicle of validation in the vehement vernacular……That marvelously mapped out master of defamatory dunce-capped dimestore deceptions….(ha i like that one, it fits)…That overly loquacious , patternly piecemeal prince of fractated felonious fortitude…..That wacked out netherworld nutjob of a nutty butty buttwrench …..That esoterically erroneous, emotionless evocation of an evil shade…(antichrist)…..That dictator of divulged derogatory damnations of dread and doom……That forelorn and foul, flopped out colostomy bag of a foreign fudgehole………That publicly prepubescent pricker of a polite post prejudice political party…….(tea party)…{BARAK INSANE OSAMA}. Think about this….Satan is completely insane , as well as being the Devil. It makes perfect sense for insanity to be his nature….the nature of the Beast. Satan differs from insane mortal men…in the fact that he is a supernatural being. ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS…..WHAT MAKES ANTICHRIST SO DANGEROUS IS THE FACT THAT HE IS COMPLETELY INSANE…..(BUT IS ALSO ABLE TO REASON AT THE SAME TIME). “THE TWO FACES OF SATAN” , IF YOU WILL, AND QUITE IRONICALLY AT THAT. COMPLETE REJECTION OF YOUR MAKER = TOTAL INSANITY. (ANTICHRIST IS ONLY ABLE TO REASON, BECAUSE HE IS ALSO A SUPERNATURAL BEING, AND ALTHOUGH NOT OMNIPRESENT (ABLE TO BE EVERYWHERE, AT THE SAME TIME, AS THE SPIRIT OF GOD IS)….HE IS CAPABLE OF MANIFESTING OTHER “FORMS” AS WELL AS OTHER INTELLECTS. EVEN ADOLPH HITLER…OR ANY EVIL MORTAL MAN…WAS INDEED SOMEWHAT SANE ( WHEN COMPARED TO THE TOTAL CHAOS WHICH IS ANTICHRIST)…

In all seriousness…..I think the time has come for every last politician in Washington , to just take your ill gotten money…(shake weights), and just bail out , before this oxcart of a “feigned presidency”…(antichrist pushing Islam)…..crashes to the pavement in flames, and also because Obama has already planned that. Barak Obama’s assignment is to embolden Muslims to breed, literally……!!! in order to be able to overcome with great numbers of population. Think of all the men at the Battle Of Armageddon. This will take a generation…(20 years) or so. Your mission as a christian…is to slow this process down in any way you can, in order to give those that are going to…..the extra time to repent before Jesus returns in all his Glory!!!! By continuing on in any facet of support for this so called president, as a politician in any reguard… are only allowing antichrist full control over you, just by being in or near his presence. For a certainty…the SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST IS SO STRONG…THAT IT WILL NOT LET YOU REALIZE HOW FULLY YOU ARE BEING CONTROLLED , UNLESS GOD INTERVENES…..AND I PROMISE YOU THAT THERE ARE MANY PRAYING FOR YOUR SOULS!!!!Think about it politicians!!!! In fact…the “spirit of antichrist” in obama is so deceptive……that it just wants you to think it cares about its “good name”. The truth is….that Satan …(obama)…does not give a damn about his reputation, and this is why Obama does not mind “appearing on the surface of things”…to fail. Even though Satans personality is totally narcicistic….it doesn’t and does not mean he cares what you think of him, afterall he’s already condemned.


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