What your priorities in life should be according to God.

The bible declares that the greatest things in life you can enjoy….are your mate….and your food, as far as earthly things. I will make this letter short and sweet. I do not know many who know these principles which I will state. Your priorities in life should be……God comes first in your life and it is your personal relationship with him of which I speak. Second should be your MATE….OR WHOMEVER YOU ARE SERIOUS WITH AS A COMPANION. Third should be your children….and the children NOT BEFORE YOUR MATE….IT DOES NOT WORK!. Fourth is your church and then whatever else……and in that order.

What your priorities should be:
1. God
2. Your mate
3. Your children
4. Your church
5. Anything else.

Many wifes make the mistake of putting their children BEFORE their husband in importance. I realize children have needs…but if you put the needs of your children above that of your husband…..then you will alienate your husband from yourself. He will feel left out and your marriage will suffer. If you cause your children to come second to your husband….then the children will grow up and realize there place in priority was for the best and it will not have injured their feellings. If your child breaks a leg…then by all means take them to the hospital and get it fixed….but if your child wants you to take them to a concert , (but your husband is asking for sex he hasn’t had in 6 months)…then let the child do something else….AND DO NOT ALIENATE YOUR HUSBAND!)…You will do great damage to your husband or wife emotionally, if you put anything but God alone ahead of them in your lifes priorities. Failure to follow these principles have wrecked many marriages….usually leaving both partners unable to describe what had happened. Now you know. Abraham had his priorities right. His personal relationship with God came first……Since we are married to God and are the Bride of Christ……Abraham was able to sacrifice his own son, deeming his “husband which is Christ” ……..more important than his children. If Abraham had refused to sacrifice his son……then he would have missed the promises of God. “All the secrets of wisdom and knowledge are HIDDEN within Gods Word. ” Many marriages miss the promises of God in this , and many other ways. Your relationship with God is more important than your church, because you don’t have to attend church to know God personally. Since there is so much errant teaching in the churches today…I believe it should be law….that you READ GODS WORD FOR YOURSELF FIRST…..BEFORE YOU START ATTENDING ANY CHURCH!, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Your children are more important than your church, because they are your own flesh. You are responsible for teaching your children about God, and being the first one to take care of their needs. Your church is extra giving of yourself to God. “Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together”….But being able to control and keep hold of your own family well , is a priority before your church.

How most marriages operate: Ie….priorities out of order:
1. Children
2. Mate
3. Anything else
4. Church
5. God…………think about these things……


1 Comment

  1. Anonymous said,

    April 1, 2014 at 1:45 pm

    Isn’t church part of god? So shouldn’t it be?
    God & everything that goes along with god
    & everything else

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