God has a sense of humor and does speak to us in dreams……

I will start this off by relating a dream that God gave me about seven years ago.
I had a very short , what I call a teaching dream….because he gives us instruction in every dream he gives. Although we have dreams of the world…..and dreams direct from God….I am always sure when he is speaking to me. In the dream I saw myself standing on a lawn and I was surrounded by puppies waddlling and barking down by my feet. In the dream, I had several puppies that had latched onto the tips of my fingers and were biting down and holding on. I kept trying to get them off my fingers because they were causing me pain. No matter what I would do….. they kept hanging to my fingertips with there teeth. Finally….after a while….one puppy fell off….then another, and when the last puppy fell off and hit the ground…..I heard a slight squeaky whimper after the last puppy had fallen off….but I knew that puppy was ok. He wandered off with all the other puppies and did not come back. Lol I had pondered this dream for 3 days….and had told others I know who are familiar with dreams from God , but had not gotten the interpertation. I had been asking God….”I know that was you….what are you telling me”……almost constantly for the three days…..when one evening , I had just freshly gone over the dream in my mind once again…and God said. ……”Shake those puppies off and it will be ok”!…..And I said “what.”…..And then he reminded me that I had been praying about quitting smoking. He said “shake those puppies off and it will be ok”The puppy that hit the ground was not hurt at all…but wandered off. Lol God has a sense of humor, because he is the author of humor and all wisdom and knowledge. God will speak to you using weenies….or houses or whatever….lol…..he knows just how to get to each of us…mhm thats true…That is why I am interested in peoples dreams. I spent a long time “in the world”……being a “pretty good christian”……but slipping and failing in some areas in order to have fun….yanno. I have long since quit being hyppocritical in any way…..and now I have come to the point with God, that he has started speaking to me “face to face” …so to speak. What I mean is…that instead of dreams so much…..he speaks all the more clearly to my spirit at any and every time of the day…and I am able to realize that it is him speaking as opposed to my earthly mind…..I have come into a higher realm…thats how he does us….If you understand me. It all has to do with what you allow yourself to keep in your “mind cup” on a daily and weekly basis. In other words….how clean of a life you lead for yourself. He said…”if your words abide in me…and my words abide in you….ask what you will and it shall be done unto you”. Every day that goes by, it gets all the more clearer to me how everything that God says is EXACTLY true. Things are really coming together for me lifewise since I have completely put away the world and have began following him with my whole heart…and nothing hidden…..hope you understand…its what he want’s from us from birth…to be able to unconditionally do only his will. I did quit smoking and let me tell you it was like I had never smoked within 3 days, as God is my witness. Just like when Jesus gave men instruction to be healed…..those men were healed “AS THEY WENT”…..and the ones that praised God as well……WERE MADE WHOLE!… The men that worshiped ALSO….INSTEAD OF JUST BEING OBEDIENT….is also a lesson in one of my earlier posts . In the endtimes…..I believe that God will spare those that “WORSHIP” HIM….. the trials of the tribulation. I believe that there is a difference between those that praise God…..and those that worship with all their heart. What a lesson in unfettered obedience to God……..God is great.!


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