Abraham Lincolns assasination and how it concerns our current president.

Abraham Lincoln was assasinated one week after he let his wife have a seance in the Whitehouse. I do not wish this for Barak Obama, but I have heard that this is going on in the current Whitehouse as well, attempting to conjure up the spirit of John F. Kennedy. Only God knows if this is true or not, but it is not hard for me to believe, considering the misgivings of past presidents. We have only to read the book of Samuel reguarding the passages wherein Saul engages the Witch of Endor, hoping to speak the THE DEAD SPIRIT OF SAMUEL, to bring light to what is being practiced in the Whitehouse. This is the clearest picture in the bible of making demonic contact through a medium, and God forbids it. What happened was …that Saul found himself conversing directly with a demon, that was masquerading as the dead prophet Samuel. Dead men do not talk to the living….this is a great error and a major lie capitalized on today by so called mediums. “It is appointed unto man, once to die….and then the judgement.” God does not take it lightly when one who leads so many, takes part in occultic practices, as was evident in the final hours of the life of Abraham Lincoln. I would venture to say….that Abraham Lincoln did not have time to repent for what he had done…thus I believe his fate to be sealed. Recently a wall was knocked down that bordered what was the Lincoln bedroom in the Whitehouse….revealing a plethera of 19th century porn. “Those things done in secret, shall be declared on the rooftops.” It is written……And some of those things both NOW….. and at the Great Judgement.


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