A vision of the world heralding the onset of the endtimes……

God showed me a vision of how it would become in the endtimes, back in 1984. This was a wide awake vision with eyes closed, that occurred at a prayer meeting at a friends house in Oklahoma. Everyone at the meeting was holding hands and just thanking God in each others own way, when God started to reveal to me just how deceptive things would become in the endtimes. God moves when he will…..
While I was praying in the Spirit, I saw in a vision, a multitude of smaller volcanos, surrounding, and at the feet of a great volcano. I could see a river of lava flowing beside the base and to the front of the great volcano, thus dividing the landmass between the great one and the smaller mountains. The great mountain, and the smaller volcanos, were transparent allowing me to see the rise and fall of the lava within each mountain. Whenever the lava within the great volcano would RISE….the lava within every smaller volcano would FALL. Whenever the lava in the great volcano would FALL….then the lava within every small volcano would RISE, AT EXACTLY THE SAME RATE…. as the lava falling within the great one.
God spoke and told me that this was how deceptive things would become in the endtimes.
The great volcano represents Satan in his many forms. The river of lava represents how Satan cut himself off from God and man by his own wicked thoughts, the flow of lava being his evil mind. The smaller volcanos represent NOT CHRISTIANS, BUT “WORLDY PEOPLE”. Worldy people are those that are living a “double life” “masquerading” as christians and, or, refuse to acknowledge God, and ultimately “choose to live a lie”. The smaller volcanos also signify those that will worship the Beast when he comes. God will let you choose to believe a lie if you wish….and you will actually believe it is true. I believe Barak Obama to be the first of the “lying spirits” to appear, and herald the approaching Antichrist, that is yet to come. Satan has to mix a little truth…with lies and deceit in order to mastermind his real plan…to ultimately bring your soul alongside his within Eternal Hell. Satan cannot create, so therefore he counterfeits. I believe that at present…Satans mightiest lying demons have surfaced and searched the earth and made long since foreordained choices, to posess whom they will in order to fulfill their most evil motives, and Barak Obama is one chosen.
I tell you true reader….I have never been more aware of how the Words of Barak Obama, AND I MEAN EVERY SINGLE WORD…..have been shown to be nothing but lies. It is like the corresponding rise and fall of lava…withing the mighty and small volcanos. When Obama says yes…..he means NO….When Obama says NO….he means Yes. The point is…that the vision I have stated denotes it…..and the public record of Barak Obama for a year and a half previous……CONFIRMS THAT HE IS BORN OF HELL!
I have not seen a greater “INTENTIONAL” liar in the history of the world. Because his lies are Intentional…that fact serves to make them “taunting” as well. Satan laughs inside when he lies. KNOW YOU THIS….GREATER LIARS THAN BARAK WILL COME!. I am appauled at any, that would still think good resides anywhere within Barak Obama, but there are those that do! These things I have told you make me ALL THE MORE CERTAIN….. THAT JESUS IS ON HIS WAY BACK WITH A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD IN HIS MOUTH THAT HAS NO FAVOR FOR MY ACCUSER!

The only way that anyone can withstand the wiles of deception in the final hour…is to be filled with the spirit of Almighty God. There will be no other way!!!
It is written: 1st Corinthians 2:14-16….”But the natural man recieveth NOT the things of the spirit of God: for they are FOOLISHNESS unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man. For who hath known the mind of the Lord, that he may instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.

Those of you living a double life……STOP IT! Satan is so wicked, that he actually want’s whats EXACTLY OPPOSITE, of any so called good thing he might promise you. Just like the lava….Satans thoughts are exactly opposite of what you are thinking, because he is that perverse.

Click obamas picture to literally see the oldest conjurers trick in the world…….it was known as cup and balls in ancient times….

Remember….”everything in life is vanity…..like chasing after the wind”, according to the wise King Solomon. Solomon was a great naturalist that new a little bit about everything….very wise as the story goes. Anything you can do…see…smell…touch…hear…buy…experience…..It will all pass away in the near future. Say the word “Light”…..in the time it took you to speak it….Light traveled around the world seven times. Seven is the number of perfection in the bible by the way. I serve a God of Light…and Perfection!…Think of it!. Why would you serve an imperfect fallen angel like Satan? Anything Belial can offer…will itself rot away someday! I suggest that you make youreself able….to just let the words of Barak Obama fall at your feet. He will be doing an evil work on not just America…but the entire world…..for many days to come. The Obama of Evil is here to wake you up!!!! Do you not feel it?…..Satan, through Obama…TAUNTS ALL PEOPLES OF THIS EARTH….AND SEEKS SUBMISSION BEFORE HE DEMANDS IT SOMEDAY. When the time of the Antichrist comes…The Beast will demand it. I along with many many many many many many many many thousands, will deny this Beast. It is written that God will let his people suffer for only so long. Become wise and follow God WITH YOUR ENTIRE HEART, and your yoke will be light I promise you.


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