“And still they come….in the name of the lie of Islam”

Have you noticed how the muslims have purposely toned down their approach in only the last few months on youtube. I am sure that God knows which ones will repent in this life….and which ones will not. However, the “new muslim approach”……is evidence of the shaking that is going on throughout all Islam. Even those that are continuing to preach Islam, are aware of the hatred that has been spewing forth in the name of Muhammed. What a feat to leave such a vile religeon steeped in hatred and requiring death of its captives if they decide to flee. I believe that such that are able to escape have experienced a quickened completed filling of the Holy Ghost, in order to give them faith enough to be able to leave Islam in these endtimes. Much secretive prayer goes on in the Muslim nations , unaware to the Islamic states……and it is those that would leave and turn to God. There are thousands that we don’t hear about daily that are leaving Islam, having done whatever it takes to accomplish it. Yes I realize muslims are decieved, and that ALL FLESH is wise enough to recognize the wiles of the Devil or anyone attempting to beguile. Muslims are used to this type of thing even in street bargaining from day to day. A person attempting to lead one to Islam, is likened unto a viper, beckoning to a rabbit to come into it’s open mouth and lie on its soft tounge to cool itself in the heat of the day. God can use one…..to get to many…..God can cause one muslim to have an experience that won’t be forgotten, and cause that man to spread the results of his enlightenment. I had an Islamic man that wanted to argue, and was sure that the quaran was the right way. I told that man that I asked God to show him who he served, by letting the God of Islam wink at him the next time he looked into his bathroom mirror. After I questioned that man about it the next day……he said something like “well…i’m sure you see evil when you look into the mirror as well”. This response made me sure that God did get to him through the act of him glancing in his bathroom mirror. I don’t know for a certainty what the man saw….but I know of even more mysterious ways in which God has worked. This man never messaged me again. I believe he discovered the One True God….


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