Those whom think Hell is a party…….

The “partier” wrote: Re: good for you …..Sweet! I get to be like one of the greatest rock legends, John Lennon!? Flippin Sweet man, Hell here I come!

My reply: Re: Re: good for you…. If you wish….and it is your choice……Why not go outside right now and peer up into the heavens and shout……JESUS I REJECT YOU FOR NOW AND ALL ETERNITY……….I personally don’t think you would live another day. …but that is up to you. God is a gentleman and would never force his gift on anyone. If you are sure that you just don’t care..and just don’t want him…then I think you might as well get to hell as fast as you can so the “party” can begin…..and let that be the option for any and all blaspheming and Christ rejecting Youtubers……..You had a choice….


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