Letter from an Agnostic…

And she wrote:

Re: ok I am not hating on you for having faith, it’s a good thing to have my family are Christian and I am agnostic. Though I don’t neccesarily believe in god I lead a life he would be proud of. What I am hating on is your undying need to force your faith upon others.
Islam is just as valid as Christianity…who knows god and Allah could be best friends up there no one know because no one can check….faith is about believing and leading a good life but it is also about free will and we have a right to make our own descisions as to what we want to believe….no matter what you think there is no way you can prove the validity of Christianity to be greater that that of islam…Buddhism… and even atheism….

God if he exists in benevolant…this means he loves all….including Muslims…just because they have followed that path it does not make them bad people it is what they have been told and taught as they grew up.

Being part of a religion doesn’t mean you have to believe in it’s figure heads you may just like and agree with the way people of that religion lead their life.

It is unfair and even unreligious to go around hating on people because of their religion. In my opinion by doing this you are far from being a good Christian and becoming closer to the grasps of hell [if it exists] ….I mean jesus didn’t discriminate did he?

I had to reply: Re: Re: ok ” no greater love hath a man….than he would lay down his life for a friend”…..
I never saw muhammed do that….
God is a gentleman and would never force a free gift on you…that is correct. It is your own choice if you choose Islam over Jesus. I suggest that you ask Jesus to show you that he is real in a mighty way that you cannot dispute…and I’m sure he will…….


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