Islam is the Light….”of Lucifer”…

This is the most creepy, foul, vial, and wretched excuse for a child’s toy there has ever been or ever will be, in my opinion! What manner of person or persons would use a ploy such as this in an attempt to literally seduce….(as MUHAMMED would have done)….the eternal spirit of an innocent child, in order to take their soul to hell with them? Satan is the master of cheap tricks such as this one. For a certainty….the flames in hell will leap light years high lapping at the MASTER OF DECEPTION!

Someone I had worked with, after seeing this video, searched her daughters doll collection only to find this beast of a doll lurking about. The woman decided to give the doll over to her teenage son for destruction, and he laid that evil doll to rest without delay. BE AWARE OF WHATS ABIDING IN YOUR HOUSE MASQUERADING AS UNSEEN EVIL. Not only objects….but kids movies are a major culprit, laced with spells, incantations and what I call “sight fetishes”…..(symbols…the acting out of ritualistic dances…etc.) The thing about kids cartoons that air on television and the movies as well… that they are designed to have all the misleading occultic information towards the end of the videos. This is the case because Satan knows ….that when a parent “previews” a certain movie….they usually only watch the first 4 or 5 minutes or so, and are hence duped into thinking that the content is not detrimental to the child. THINK AGAIN AND LOOK A LITTLE CLOSER PARENTS!

“Woe unto anyone that shall cause one of these little ones that believe on me to stumble”……


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