Pat Robertson claims Haiti made a pact with the devil to get away from French rulers…..

I dont think Pat Robertson is racist at all. As far as haiti goes…..voodoo makes strange bedfellows you know. I know a pastor that has been a missionary in Haiti for the last 30 years, and says there is so much voodoo there, that sparks actually rise up from the forest floor at night, and not from a fire. Voodoo is just another form of witchcraft but all forms of witchcraft are very evil. 300 years ago when Pat Robertson claims that Haiti made a pact with the devil….is not at all hard to believe. America was burning witches at the time…etc etc…Faust sold his soul to the devil as well. Its too bad whats happened to haiti, but among the obvious misgivings of voodoo practice within the country , I can also attribute the earthquake to another possibility. I suggest you go to google. Type….”scalar wave weaponry”….and watch a one hour and fifty minute video by prophecy club and Bill Schnoebelen. Scalar Wave Weaponry can change weather patterns…cause earthquakes….and even disable every nuclear weapon in the world with one push of a button. Sound farfetched?…watch it for yourself. It is far beyone our HAARP system. Russia developed this technology passed down from Nicola Tesla, after America deemed him to be an idiot in the 1930’s.


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