In answer to your query on Baryon Asymmetry…..

A youtuber wrote this: (Provide evidence for your archaic and nonsensical beliefs and I’ll repent my ways.

Oh, and while you’re at it: since i must assume you are in direct contact with God since you’re so fucking certain what he and his son want for all of us, could you ask him what the deal is with all the baryon asymmetry? It’d save astrophysicists a lot of time and money. Thanks.)

This is what I say:…(There are overlapping universes because God needs more to do than what we see , because he is God.) The easiest way to explain it to you is to relate a vision with eyes open: Sitting in the living room one day…..I know a woman who said she saw a man was standing in her living room holding a briefcase. This occurred in the early afternoon one day. She asked God, because she knew it was him showing her this vision, to make her understand what she was seeing. She realized it was a man in another universe, going about his daily business, and she asked God why?. God told her …”because it was perfect”. I believe this statement from God concerning overlapping universes….totally disproves the big bang theory. The statement also solves the apparant “imbalance problem of antimatter” in the universe, according to the baryon assymmetry posture. Furthermore….the 100 year old Poincare Conjecture problem has finally been solved, and thanks to God for using that to wake people up further I say!!! The laws governing people created in Gods image in another universe may or may not be different, as to what laws God gives them to follow. God is infinite and to think that all this universe and only the few people here with us , could ever encompass all that The Almighty God is capable of, is errant. Just like the first chapter of Genesis that states …”the earth was without form and void, and darkness covered the face of the deep:…indicates that God destroyed the earth as we know it , once before, even before the flood of Noah, after which God said that he would never destroy the earth by flood again. As far as creation as we know it here on earth, it is written that God created for 6 days, and on the seventh day he rested. Well, that seems to be relavent for this earth that we know, but do you think God in his infiniteness will ever be done creating and doing new things? Don’t get me wrong….I don’t believe in alien races, because I feel that God has created souls with spirits in his own image wherever he has found fit to create any beings. I believe that the endtime deception is purely made up of demons that will be masquerading as “so called aliens”. After all…Satan can transform himself into an angel of light, or anything else in order to decieve. Aliens , just like “ghosts” are simply demons doing their very best at decieving man. It is also written, that Satan, (as far as temptation goes)…”is limited to what is common to man, with which to tempt man.” That is why there have been so many movies and such about alien beings in the last 15 years or so. Satan who owns hollywood, by means of the U.S. government….is familiarizing man with alien related stories, in order to be able to tempt man in a very deceptive way. The same goes for all the interest in the paranormal in the recent past as well. Even Satan is forced to abide by the limitations set forth by God. People….quit believing the lie of the big bang theory….and Charles Darwin’s theory, and quit being ghost hunting fools…..for they are all lies put forth by the same Father of Liars which is Satan.


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