Letter in answer to a mad Catholic….

When a person says ….”hail marys”…….it is pointless….When a person “hails” Mary….they are worshiping another besides God, for one thing……and when someone simply repeats the same prayer over and over by grasping at rosary beads……it is also pointless. It is not direct communication with God , like you were his child and he was your father. It is a vainnnnnnn…..repetition, just like it states in Mathew in which Jesus plainly told us….“Pray not vain repetitions as the heathen do, for they think they will be heard for their much babbling”. I would never ever think of confessing my sins to some man in a booth either…..That is just creepy .

And that practice my friend….is what opened the catholic church up to rampant pedephilia in the first place. When a person tells their sins to man….in that manner….it really is just a form of gossip and serves to give the priest……evil ideas as well. Im sorry, thats just the way it is. Man is easily tempted….and God is not
That is why it is riduculous to tell your sins to a so called “priest”. A priest hearing about a womans sexual sins…is going to get turned on sooner or later…and thats what happens. That is just one example. You know….people who are actually close to God can talk to him like their best friend who is sitting right there in the room with them. That is how I talk to God.


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